Included with the PDF download are several pages of ephemera that you can use to alter your book of shadows and personalize it for your needs. Some are images which can be clipped out and glued into your pages. There are also small pockets and envelopes that you can use to hold herbs, notes, or other small items in your book.

When clipping the ephemera to add to your book of shadows, you can improve the look of the pasted piece by using a black marker along the sharp, outside edge of the cut ephemera. This reduces the three-dimensional look and makes the clipart seem to sit more flush on the page.

When gluing ephemera into your book, NEVER use liquid glues. They contain large amounts of water which causes the pages to pucker. Instead, always use a glue stick and push the glue from the center to the outside edge being very careful to get glue evenly around the outside edge of the back of the clipart so that it sits smoothly on the page. Gently press it onto your page where you would like it and clean up any excess glue around the edges with a dry cloth.


Included is a single page of illuminated letters. These letters are traditionally used to begin text on a page in a decorative way. They can be colored or left black-and-white. The letters are then cut out and pasted onto the page of your choice. As with the other ephemera, be sure to run a black marker along the sharp edge all the way around your clipped illuminated letter before gluing it onto your page and always use a glue stick, never a liquid type of glue.


The included ephemera packet has small envelopes (labeled “envelope”) which can be cut out and folded and pasted onto any page you choose. First, print the page with the envelope that you would like to use. Cut out the envelope carefully along the lightly printed edge. The part which says “envelope” will be the back of your envelope and it will be glued to the page. The printed tab is the top flap which will fold down in the front.


Once your envelope is cut out, use the lines on the back to carefully fold all of the flaps inward as shown below. Use a glue stick to carefully glue the three blank flaps together at their point. Be careful not to glue the flaps to the envelope itself. The top flap should be folded but left open. It should not be glued down to the three blank flaps.


Once your envelope is completed, you can add glue to the back and glue it securely anywhere on your page of choice.