Paper Options When Printing

There are a variety of options to choose from when selecting what type of paper you would like to print your pages with. There are specialty papers such as parchment paper or vellum or you can use regular white printer paper. These pages are designed to be printed onto letter sized paper which is 8.5 x 11 inches in size.

I personally prefer to use specialty parchment paper. The paper that I have used for all of the examples throughout this website is Southworth copper parchment paper in 24 lb weight. This paper comes in a few color choices, but I prefer the copper because I find the gold is much too bright a yellow to look natural. The copper has a nice, old-world, sand color to it reminiscent of old books. This brand carries paper in a variety of other colors as well including celery, blue, and ivory (white).

I find the Southworth parchment paper to be perfect for all of the mediums I use. Watercolor, if not used with heavy amounts of water, will not warp the pages or soak through them. The texture of the paper is perfect for using colored pencil and water-based markers do not soak through the pages to the other side which will allow you to print on both sides of your page.

You may also choose to print your pages out onto plain, white copy paper. Thicker papers are more durable and will last longer. This type of paper is smoother than parchment paper and does not look aged. If you would like to artificially age your paper, you can search online for tutorials on how to create tea-stained or aged pages. Be sure to print your page first as aged paper may not make it through a printer. If you are using this technique, you will need to use a laser printer as inkjet ink is water soluble and will run when wet.Copy paper typically is very thin and does not work well with watercolors. Markers typically soak through the paper to the other side, though not always.

If you would like to purchase Southworth parchment paper online, a link to the Amazon store can be found at the top right of this website labeled, “supplies.”